Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Really Crazy Idea

I have commitment phobias and a flustered personality when it comes to decorating my abode. Maybe with a Xanax I'll be able to make color choices for my walls.

Wil's going on a trip to dc soon. I think I'll try to spice up a wall or 2 while he is away. Anyone want to come and play with me? I have insane ideas when he leaves... remember when I bought sod for our yard... He was so thrilled with me!!!

Also, my BFF, Martha sent me this pic.

I think she knows I need a Barbie House table for some fashionable flair. I can make this... I have a saw and sandpaper.


Anonymous said...

Ooh, I can't wait to see whatyou come up with! I've missed you...

Harlene said...

What is it about hubs and being out of town that makes me feel like the first time my mom left me home alone?

I've burnt out on painting and decorating, now I watch rated R movies when he leaves town.

qponqwn said...

You know what Martha says: "Don't be afraid of color!" Good Luck-you have a gift!