Friday, December 19, 2008

Where have I been you've wondered.... Well, we're making custom Skoodies.

Have you seen the Skoodie before?

But this is Saying It Simply's take on it. So we do it CUSTOM!!!
This Skoodie boasts being a 3-in-1 purchase! A scarf! A cowl-hoodie! AND: it's reversible!

We have a few made and we're posting them on Etsy.
But if you want one in your favorite color-
email us and we'll chit chat you through the process of getting it your way!
(Oh. We're just like BK!)

We are so proud and excited to being doing these. We've had countless orders from simply wearing ours about.
$25 each.
*** Remember it's reversible and you won't be bulking up under your coats with a silly sweatshirt or messing up your hair with a scarf wrapped tightly around your do!
TTFN! I'm off to sew!


Christina said...

I LOVE the maroon and grey together I never knew they would go compliment so well. I thought maroon only went with like earth tones!

JoAnna said...

Brilliant! I'm longing.

CoLiE-O said...

i've never heard of them... but then again, i live under a rock! way cute idea!

Lynell said...

You are amazing, and oh so talented. Now I know where Kate gets it from!

It is a small "blog" world after all. What fun!

Thank you for letting me have Kate in class. I teach almost 150 girls each week and I try not to pick favorites. But if I did.....she'd be the one.

I LOVE your Christmas card. Wow!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where you've been! Those are really cool, who wouldn't want one?!?

Jess said...

Okay, those are so cute! I love it!! Thanks for the bread we LOVE it and Sean thinks Kate is the cutest!