Sunday, December 14, 2008

Really Magical

I have a confession. I recently lied.
Oh. Not to any of you. No. No. No. It was just my kids. Sorry if I caused you ANY worry.

I used my forked tongue the night before Utah's last snowfall, and told the Entourage they needed to make paper snowflakes; tape them to a bedroom window and that simple act will make magic snow fall. Surprise, surprise...It worked.

Remember folks, Kris is fanatical about weather updates. I check online constantly...
that's how I won my trip to NY.

Two nights ago, while checking email, I was informed by Sterling Poulson (isn't that a great name?!?) snow would fall and fall hard Saturday morning. I asked my Entourage, already tucked in, if I could just move the snowflakes around.
Give the snow fairy a tease, just to see if it worked.
If you live in the Wasatch Front area, we had quite the dusting, didn't we? It's my fam's fault. Magic paper snowflakes.

Last night, I wanted to make my own snowflake. Channel my inner elf.
No elf appeared. Not for me.
Enter and welcome, Mr. Edward Scissorhands.
I think my single flake could be considered a work of art.

(not my flake, I'm too tired to take a pic. but this one almost competes)
Kate grabbed it; quickly taping it to the front window.
Well, it's Sunday and globs of sky icing are falling to frost the earth.
If you drive by Monday morning and every window at the Hideout (our humble home) is covered from casing to casing in printer paper flakes- know this, we are not trying to weather proof our home inventively. My kids, in actuality, are praying for a Snow Day.


wil said...

i see you!

Danielle Christiansen said...

thats ok that is a good lie.

CoLiE-O said...

i dig it...i lie all the time but its about my weight :)