Monday, October 6, 2008

Realistic Confirmations in the Affirmative

I decided Saturday night I say "NO" too often. I decided I would attempt to answer in the affirmative all day Sunday while speaking with my family.

I had to get creative.

Kate: Mom is ok to eat boogers?
Me: Sure Katey. But you have to eat everyone's.

Luke: Mom can I get a new video game?
Me: Of course. But you must trade in 4 other games.

Jack: Mom, will you make muffins for breakfast.
Me: Why not?!?! But you have to help and do the dishes.

Wil: Honey....?
Me: Giddyup. But later, OK?

I love the word "BUT." It helped me survive my Affirmative Sunday. Surprisingly, the fam was super happy. I actually felt like my day sailed.


Christina said...

I say No tooo often too, but i heard if when you are asked a question like
than your child doesn't get as bummed out cuz your saying no all the time because they're hearing yes too.
just a thought

Jess said...

Okay where have I been? You have like 20 freakin' posts lady. Slow down, and did you seriously say that your blog was getting put on the back burner. Heck, I have NO excuse then! How are you? How are the teeth? I hope that the pain is starting to subside.

I love this post. I love that you said yes, BUT with a BUT. That is my favorite word too.

You are great. Sorry about no play time today. Swimming lessons are taking over my life :) Tell the fam hi for us!

Harlene said...

Great idea, I'm snagging this one.

BTW, Your wreath looks way cuter than mine:).