Monday, October 6, 2008

I am a Villian

Had myself a dream where I had power.
(I freakin' love the show Heroes. Just a little Kris tidbit)

I could manipulate glass. Odd. I've never thought of changing glass into various forms before. This could have resulted in recently breaking a favorite vase.
But I did not work along side the good guys.
I was a Villian.
However, reality even strikes me in the dream world.
I wasn't a main character.
I was a stooge ~ A lacky ~ A sidekick.
I only performed bit parts.
I think I was filler in my very own subconscience.
What could this mean?

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Chris and Bethany said...

Funny, all night last night after watching Heroes, that's all I could think about. Every time I woke up I was analyzing something that happened, and every time I went to sleep I dreamt about it. LOVE that show!