Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Kate's Way to Word

So, I'm not exactly what happened, but some how, some way...
Jack "ripped one" in Luke's face.
I don't know.
I am not proud.
I am frightfully embarrassed to be writing this,
but what Katey said to me afterwards,
makes sharing this tale worth while.

Kate: Mom, don't be mad. Jack said it was an assident.


Chris and Bethany said...

Thanks for making me laugh. I tagged you. I don't know if you've done it yet, but it's about quirks.

kourtney said...

I don't know what makes me laugh harder, that Jack accidently farted in Lukes' face or that he assidently farted in his face. I love it!!!!

Haley said...

LOL*** i'm by myself laughing!! so funny!!!

Jess said...

She seriously is my favorite!