Friday, September 12, 2008

Reality in aNutshell

My brown is fading fast.
I look very mousy.

Everytime I try to buy healthy~
it rots or is infested before I get to use it.

Kate is in preschool.
When I told her I was too old to stay for preschool, she told me to hide.
Let me tell you, she thinks I am VERY good at hiding.

My monitor did go caput.
But thanks to my Wil, I am looking at every little detail of your blog-lives
via 22" on a flat screen.


Chris and Bethany said...

That's cute that she wanted you to hide at preschool. I wish I could hide at kinder with Daniel. It would be so much more relaxing and fun than chores!

Danielle Christiansen said...

sweet new screen. Don't look too close I have some blemishes I do not want noticed.

The Hartungs said...

srry to hear our screen didn't work out for ya. but your new one looks amazingly swEEt!