Monday, September 1, 2008

I got a REALLY wild hair yesterday

And colored all of my hair brown.
I'm happy.
Except that some of my strands were so bleached,
they now sport a purple hue.
yeah. I'm punk.
(april, I might need you to help me get the few strands to go darker.)
After I wash it, I'll post a pic.
Luke liked it better blonde.
Thanks Heather. I think you did a great job.


Danielle Christiansen said...

you siully you should have read my tip about going darker on the salon site. Oh well I bet you can pull anything off.

Jess said...

I LOVED it when I saw you! It is such a great fall look and you really do look sassy!
It was fun to see you today. Love little Kate. Hope she had fun at dance.

qponqwn said...

Can't wait to see it, I've been thinking of a change, I'll probably go with length. Hard to decide bcuz I'm so low maintenence, which is easier-short or pony tail?? I dunno, congrats on the new look anyway, it always helps the attitude.

Anonymous said...

Niiice. Make sure to post some pics, so we can check it out!

Angi said...

I don't think I've ever seen you with anything other than blonde. It's time for a pic.

kourtney said...

I love it! It makes me want to match you!

nicolefurness said...

no pic yet. have you not washed your hair yet? its ok, i still love ya- i wash my hair every other day..if im lucky. dont get me wrong, i still bathe, just dont suds the locks.

Christina said...

I sure hope you've taken a shower by NOW! i'm waiting on tenter-hooks to see what you look like, and trust me it's not comfy :) i mean i guess i could drive the few min. to see you in person but then i'd actually have to make a comment or something! jk you know i love ya

Katie said...

Kris! I bet it looks great. I went dark a few weeks ago and I'm still trying to get used to it. I miss you guys and hope that all of you are doing well -
Katie Nelson (Stewart:))