Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Goat's Are Good


If Brad can do it, so can you.
This is exhibit #1 in Kris' fight to prove that
Goat's Are Good.


Shauna said...

I had to look twice to see that you had dyed your hair dark and you suddenly had twins! Wow! I always thought you two were such a good looking couple, and now I see nothing has changed! Great pic ;)

Love to hear from you on your blog!
:) Shauna

april hickman said...

I miss you!!! How have you been? I have been gone alot.
Are you ready for school to start? I can't wait, I need some quiet time.
I'll call you later today, I'd love to chat.

Christina said...

sorry to say this but I had NO idea what you were talking about!
then i read the next post and understood what you meant about goats. i kept trying to figure it out thinking to myself why is she talking about goats? "does she want some goats? she needs a fence if she wants goats. goats are mean to kids they like to runthem over" this is my thought process sad huh