Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Really CRAP!!!!

Ok. I was cleaning out the pool and had the house phone out with me. Somehow, water got in by the battery and now it won't turn on. (No. I did not drop it in for a swim)

So, I go to grab my cell to make the ever-so-important call to Kourtney. (We chat about the most important topics.) Can't find it. OH YEAH...... I had it outside while I was weeding yesterday. To make this short, the lawn has been watered and my NOT waterproof phone took a shower. No screen. Sporatic beeping. $%&@*!!!!!!
I need a water proof phone.... sigh.
No phones. At all. I'm dead. Anyone have an old Sprint phone they don't need anymore? I'll make you a sign from SIS.... It could read "Kindness begins with me and how I connected Kris".
Good Karma. :)
Crap. crap. crap.


Sean said...

Make sure you don't wheel your computer out in an attempt to blog by the pool.

Bevany said...

Too bad you're not with Verizon. We have like four old phones laying around here we keep meaning to sell on I'd be all over a trade. I would die without my cell phone. Good luck!

kourtney said...

Loved Sean's comment. But don't worry, you could use my computer until someone gave you a knew one. How else would they know that you were in need. I have a couple of old Sprint phone. One fell in a toilet (don't know why I still have it) and the other won't charge (don't know why I have that one either). Let me keep on looking. I might be able to round up the original from Andy's parents. Let me check.

qponqwn said...

We just had to buy Keyan a new one cuz after he cracked the screen and couldn't read his texts (gasp!) he took it out on the boat and since the screen was cracked it got water inside. Not sure what the capn' ended up spending on it. Good luck, I can't wait til my contract is up so I can get off of sprint and go back to tmobile.