Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Will I ever learn?

I told Wil I would have SIS stuff out of the garage by today.Why do I set a"done-by" date?!?!? Will I ever learn? Now, so I can prove to him that I can accomplish a task in an allotted time period, I have to clean the car spaces and it's HOT outside. Wish me luck. There is A LOT of SIS junk out there.


Jess said...

I will come and help. That is a WAY big project. I have seen that garage of yours.

Good luck. Do you want help? I'll watch all the kids in the pool while you work :)

nicolefurness said...

ill take the sis stuff off your hands:)

Mindi said...

ummmmmmm....just letting you know that i'm NOT coming to help.

but i still dig you.