Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Rules and Regulations

One by one they came. DING DONG. 12 times the doorbell rang. Word spreads fast when you have a BEAT THE HEAT toy. I had 14 kids at my house attempting to swim in our new pool.

What rules and regulations should I have in place. We have it filled to 20" and it can go to 42", so I think the kiddos are thinking it's a sigh safe.
NOT WHEN THERE ARE 14 rugrats in it!
I couldn't turn anyone away. When we hit #7 I felt too bad saying NO at that point. 14!!! For the love! What would you do? Kourtney, I am so glad you showed up when you did!


Amy said...

14 kids in the pool is alot of bums. Just say no, Kris...just say no!

nicolefurness said...

holy crap. first rule with 14 peeing- the pool would be 90% urine by the end of the day. you are too nice. i would say maybe 6 at a time. but how can you turn kids away? maybe turn on the sprinkler or have them take turns? thats a hard one!

Danielle Christiansen said...

oh mt heavens, you poor thing. i think you should put a sign on your front door that says "sorry pool closed due to Rota Virus. Then no one will come.

Chrissy said...

My parents have a pool and to avoid this very issue they had one simple rule. No child could swim with out one of their parents present. That way they weren't the unoffical babysitters all summer or liable for other's children... It will drastically cut down on uninvited swimmers because not many parents are willing to come sit by the side of the pool for hours on end (or get in a swimming suit in front of the rest of the nieghborhood!)

Lynne said...

Daily, I would hand out "x" amount of passes on a first come first serve basis that have to be turned in when the kid is done swimming...kind of like Southwest's former boarding just might work...xo, Mom

Bevany said...

Aaaaah! I would die. This is when privacy vinyl fencing is a must...and then you hope the neighbors can't see from their decks and upstairs windows.

Jess said...

Okay.. why wasn't I one of the 14?
Girl, that is way too many! You do need to say "sorry, maybe another day" and go enjoy. You are not lagoon-A-beach my friend!

I think a parent should have to be there if under a certain age? (I'm not sure what age limit I would set).

Anyway, so glad it is up and running. I may come take a peak.

Haley said...

my parents had a pool and would let anyone that wanted comeover as long as the parents knew that they (my parents) weren't responsible for watching them which usually meant the parents had to come watch their own kids!!!

it works well!!!