Sunday, June 8, 2008

Where in the world?

As a simple surprise, I sent Jack, Luke and Katey a postcard from Newport beach last week. They were so excited. (Everyone loves to get mail, right?) I circled the spot I caught a gnarly wave and jotted down all the hot spots we need to visit when I bring them next time.

My entourage is hungry to travel. Wil has a trip to Norway (for the love!) soon and they are feeling left behind already. To satisfy this hunger, I was hoping to have some postcards sent to them from far off places~ give them choices for new visits.

If you'll send one to them, we'll quickly send one back to you telling why you should visit this land we love. We won't discriminate against friends and fam who live close by... we will reciprocate your kind stamp as well! Wanna correspond? Email me:


april hickman said...

Oh my...I loved your post "I should be fired." You know, I did calculate all of the stuff that we do in a day and put a number on it. I think it was something like 140,000.00/year. I didn't leave anything out. Man I could really use 140,000.00 right now....

Bevany said...

What a great idea! I used to collect post cards back in the day. I had some good ones. Too bad I'm not going anywhere fun any time soon or I'd send one your way. I probably have some in a box somewhere if you get desperate!