Monday, June 23, 2008

she gave him some nice teeth

Katey has told me that this dog is her perfect friend.
He doesn't bark.
He doesn't poop.
He stays with her.
She's been carrying the drawing around all morning.
His name is Chilly
(she said not like the food- it's like being cold)
He doesn't jump up on people.
He likes to ride on her bike with her.
And he's a happy dog because she gave him some nice teeth.
I think I need to have some more playdates. I think she's lonely.


Fotoshauna said...

I think that Katey girl is a very smart cookie and is well on her way to becoming a VERY happy adult--she has imagination, she is generally content, compassionate towards others (she DID give Chilly nice teeth) and she doesn't require a lot (read: materialism)to make herself feel good.

I think that speaks volumes about her mom--and her dad, too--who have modeled happiness for her to see that it is possible and she can do it now! Good job, Mommy! Keep it up, Katey Cutie!

:) Shauna

qponqwn said...

Sounds like Miss Kate has this figured out pretty well! Maybe my boys could get a perfect friend of their own so they'll stop fighting with eachother!! Another perfect thing about Chilly is that if he's looking at you, you can just turn him around (as opposed to whining). Smart girl!

Jess said...

oh Katey you are the best! I think she is pretty great in all categories!

The Hartungs said...

thanks katey for the giggles. love ya

kourtney said...

Can she make a dog for us. Our kids are so wanting a pet!

Danielle Christiansen said...

that is the perfect pet right there. My kids want a dog & my husband. I say no way! We a;ready have rabbits. I like the idea of a paper drawing pet.