Friday, June 20, 2008

fight like a girly girl

I feel like beating the stuffing out of something.
I feel like cutting myself free to act out of control. It's just one of those days.
Since I am not a great fighter (and 34)
I am realistically regulating myself to fight like a girly girl.
A new handbook I came across gives me the rules and regs for pillow fighting. I'm gonna make feathers fly, take out the trash & wrestle!
Matches are a combination of pillow fighting, trash talk and wrestling with LOTS of fan interaction. According to the PFL, there are various ways to win a match, but a referee is always on hand to “keep the hair pulling and scratching to a minimum.” To view video clips of some of the action, go to: http://http// and click on multimedia. There’s also a place to sign up for any women out there who might have been slumber party pillow fighting champions and miss the action!
Anyone? Takers? Feel like talkin' smack with a pillow upside yo' face? Game on.


Jess said...

oh i can take you :)

Chrissy said...

Oh man, I learned from the best, an uncle who was merciless. So now I always win at pillow fights! (Of course the only one I fight with any more is my 5 year old, but I still always win!)

JoAnna said...

Bring it on, girl!

nicolefurness said...

o-ya. ill be back to the slc in the middle of aug. i am in nursing school and the semester starts again aug 20th. those firecrackers are freakin cute! i may have to get me some. do you know how much the shipping would be to give it a new home in mn?

nicolefurness said...

ok. my husband has brought my dreams back to reality. i better wait till next year to get those freakin cute firecrackers. we packed our car to the rim and i mean...there is no room to even breathe (and considering i have bought more shizzle out here isnt gonna help). lets just pray i lose weight so i dont have to take any of my fat girl clothes home- that will help! do you guys have a boutique in slc? ex: quilted bear or swiss days?

Libbi said...

This is funny. Forget the lawn party, have this party instead. I would like the Old Glory sign. Katey must be a genius.