Thursday, June 5, 2008

Any other ideas?

I am needing a new pic for my header. But remember friends, Kris has lowered the bar and the photo must reflect this underachieving goal.

I've heard breakfast is the most important meal of the day. I couldn't agree more. My current picture reflects where my realistic priorities lay in the a.m. .

  • Aspirin- I know that one of my entourage is going to begin demanding perks and a raise at some point as I shake the sleep from my gray matter. ie: breakfast; entertaining company (friends); pick out the perfect ensemble for impressing the locals; cold hard cash~ a sad state when an 8 and 5 year cannot find something to do that does not require the cha-ching.
  • Cappuccino - It's either this highly caffeinated beverage or a Coke, friends. And since I am trying to avoid the dentist at all costs, I try not to down the high octane, fully loaded carbonated beverage until at least 10am.
  • Listerine-Sometimes brushing just can't give me the fresh feeling I need for conversing with those who demand a chit-chat.
  • Meds-Got me my very own prescription for Thyroid issues. I HATE taking this silly pill. How is it that I have been cursed with something I HAVE to do everyday and yet I fail repeatedly? I can't remember my kids names and I helped label them.
  • Dishes-Can't tell but I snapped the photo near the kitchen sink. Because no matter how hard I try to make the dish receptacle sparkle before I rest my weary head, the dish elves in my home load it back up before the sun rises. I am beginning to believe my kids come down after I hit the hay to eat

So, after all of that. I need a pic that will reflect reality. Kourtney has suggested an empty laundry basket with soiled garments surrounding the perimeter. Any other ideas?


"The Freakin' Lasers!" said...

Hello my favorite family, cousin! How are you? I am alive indeed. So happy school it out and no more driving back and forth and to elementary then to preschool, and tball, then piano and....well you know the drift.
This week I have dedicated to do nothing at all. That is probably why my blog went from Christmas time to today! Not sure how well I'll keep up on it, but I will try. Can't wait for the rain to go away and we can meet and be lazy at a park or the pool. Whichever one is great with me, as long as you and Kourtney can come along!
Take care!
And PS...
I seroiusly love your blog! I love the colors, the theme, the wording, I still am amazed at yours and Kourtney's creativity. It blows me away. Even just the way you type and explain things is adorable and makes you want to read more. "i wish me did good at them typing to"

Take care!
When's your next show? You need to do one!!!

nicolefurness said...

props to you for leavin a comment! thanks! its kinda annoying when people dont leave a comment, doncha think? i find your blog very entertaining as well and will stop by often!

Erinne said...

In regards to your issue with the dishes. Paper and plastic. Need I say more.

Haley said...

i like your header!!!!

we do paper over here it makes things a little bit easier except my kids seem to have a hard time gettting them in the garbage can the right way!!!!

thyroid---SUCKS!!!!!! 5:00am pill taking every morning for me!!!!! not to mention gaining and not loosing!!

Mindi said...

hey--you've seen my ghetto header. so i'm happy with what ever you got up there.