Thursday, May 22, 2008


The boys are done with school. How is that possible? As we left the building both boys started singing at the top of their lungs,
"School's out for summer! School's out forever!" Both of their teachers have led me to believe they are going on to the next grade. Mission accomplished.

Jack and Luke have grandiose summer plans:

  1. A clubhouse ~ I see blanket forts
  2. 4 trips~ Minnesota, St. George, Southern California and some crazy Indiana Jones adventure. I hope we can make it the park 8 houses away.
  3. Parties~ plural. Where we decorate the yard and house; invite the city and give away prizes
  4. Start up a business. I believe it involves EBAY and selling things that belong to me
  5. Finishing digging a hole for the in ground pool. They don't realize that the hole was started by a leak in the sprinklers
  6. A farmers market in our backyard. I'd like to make a single batch of salsa.
  7. Girls. Over heard them talking one night about each trying to get 2 girlfriends... a backup in case the first fails. WHAT?
  8. Super Hero Powers~ yeah. Captain Insane-OH and his sidekicks, Double Trouble.

Please let this summer pass us by quickly!


Bevany said...

Sounds like they have a busy summer ahead of them. Let me know when the pool's finished...we'll be by for a swim. Love this post. As always you make me laugh.

Mindi said...

minnesota is a random summer vacay spot--what gives?

simply kris said...

Lived there 2 years ago this June for 51 weeks. Great friends and fun... with gas this crazy- we might have to plan 2 trips to the park to replace the MN vacay.

april hickman said...

Your summer sounds fun!! I want to come to your house this summer. I could just listen to you talk and laugh and that would be fun for me. I hope your trip to St.George includes me.

Angi said...

2 girlfriends huh? for a backup you say? Boy you are in trouble! I know where they get there ambition! I love how you always make me laugh!

qponqwn said...

Yeah, goodluck with those boys (and girls:) You're licky, our school's not out for another week! I'm not sure if I'll survive though, as I type this Josh is repeating "can I play the XBOX?" Over and over and over, thinking my answer will change and annoying the crap out of his brothers-who are all on my last nerve!! Gonna be a long weekend-I guess I should be grateful they go back to school on Tuesday!

Rachel said...

I think a So Cal trip is a great idea!!!!!

Jess said...

Hey at least the park is only 8 houses away. We might never make it!

I love the 2 girlfriends idea! They are quite the pair. Love them.