Tuesday, June 2, 2009


Got to finish 33 purses in two days.
Want to be famous.
Could loose my marbles in the process.
Should clean the house (there will be guests here tomorrow.)
Just grounded my kids to play outside.
Desire a vacay.
Trying to stop drinking the Coke... it's not even diet....
only high octane, unfiltered for me. (Like I need uppers!)
Could make dinner, but cereal is just too easy.
Wish I used time wisely.
Think I'm addicted to the puter.
Need to find my sanity.

Yep. I think I am really going crazy.

Are any of you going to come see Kourtney and me
this weekend at the craft show? We WILL have tons of giggles.


Angi said...

I love you Kris! You always make me smile! I wish I could come see your show this weekend but dang it...will I see you soon?

Chrissy said...

I am totally coming, I need a Kris-fix! I just got my new counter installed in my sewing nook and the creative bug is biting me in the ass. Hopefully I'll be productive with the motivation and not just start 17 new projects! :) See you soon.

CoLiE-O said...

where? when? did you read my comment a few posts ago? if not. try and find it :) it will be fun. kinda like..wheres waldo?