Monday, April 6, 2009

My Real Home

Have you ever gone back to your home town and pretended like you were a tourist? Donned your socks and sandals, camera in one hand, bottle of water in the other?

I highly recommend it.

Took the fam to "George" in hopes of some spring like weather (you know the kind, unseasonably hot) and we were so disappointed to watch the damn clouds roll in and out. HOWEVER, since swimming and sunning was not to be, we toured the country side of Southern Utah... checking out my old haunts.

The Veyo Pool... fed by a stream and so quaint. It will open on May 1st... remember field trips out there? I just new I would find me a romance.

Snow Canyon... beautiful and memory filled. Wil and I met 19 years ago over spring break (good grief! do I really want to admit that?) and had MANY pics taken of us in this beautiful locale.

Gunlock Reservoir Conveniently close to George... great water fun. Lost my swim suit top jumping off a rock... also had to be rescued buy a boater while trying to swim BACK across.... many many years ago.

Silver Reef mining town... toured the historic Wells Fargo Station. Took April and her 3 girlies on this tour... so fun watching the kids DISCOVER artifacts. Mia found a square headed nail... I saw animal poop.
Tuacahn outdoor amphitheater is gorgeous. You really must see this in person.
Even with all of this under our belt, we didn't scratch the surface of Touristing. I would love to move back. The heat, the sun, the memories, the fam and the friends.... nothing compares to St. George. As soon as we pass the first exit, I am rolling down the window and breathing deeply the scent of home.


Angi said...

Going next week, headed to Snow Canyon, Pioneer Park and Sand Hollow....Any other suggestions? Where is Silver reef?

Chrissy said...

Ohhh, so jealous. Bri and I were just talking about the feasibility of running away for a weekend with our little fam. I think St. George is his preferred vacation destination as well... and even with the clouds I'll bet you were warmer down there.

Suz said...

I'm not from St. George but boy do I get ya! My family and I have been going down there since I was little and I LOOOVE it!!!! There's something about that place that is seriously soothing to my soul.

Tanja said...

Looks beautiful, enjoy!
BTW, great chatting on FB with you today!

Jennifer Gravley said...

Sounds like fun. Wish you had better weather though---well maybe not:) I get too jealous when people get to go out of town for warmth. If we can't have it here, then nobody should!!