Monday, April 20, 2009

Really Drool

I won Cupcakes.
One dozen too-pretty-to-partake confections

Giveaway was from the fabulous blog

I'm sharing this because I actually love the way
The Sweet Tooth Fairy site looks.
Take a gander. You will drool.


Martha said...

Congrats on winning! Yipee!!
Thanks for entering my giveaway, of course First time commenters can win! Thanks for the funny.

Angi said...

Soooo jealous, I've heard they are divine....

Amy Rast said...

Hi Kris,
How is your other contest coming? I've been wondering. Your blog is awesome and made me laugh. I especially enjoyed the black eye. Thanks for sharing!

Harlene said...

You aren't members at Lifetime by chance are you?

The Hartungs said...

wow I don't know if the picture is the same as what you got but clicking on them I'm thinking WOW!! congrats on getting some yummy treats!