Monday, February 2, 2009

Really, I didn't do anything

I find that I thrill most personally in my kids achievements.

At parent teacher conference today,
as teachers were telling me that my kids are very smart,
why did I say "Thank you"?
Is it because it was the only thing I had accomplished today?
Why did I want flowers and a trophy after Kate's dance recital?
Is it because I had actually taken her to each lesson and done her hair?

Realistically speaking, I need to find something I can achieve on my own~
not vicariously through my entourage. Hmmmm.... What to do.... What to do...


Jess said...

You did too do something silly! They are all so smart and SO well behaved. I have always been so impressed with your kids. You and Joel have done an amazing job.

Harlene said...

You make an excellent blogfriend!!!

CoLiE-O said...

you make me laugh! hope all is well!