Monday, January 26, 2009

Really Nothing

I don't have anything to write about. Nothing. I mean really Nothing.
I've been on Facebook quite a bit.
I cleaned the living room.
I made dinner.
I haven't been on a date w/ Wil since I won the trip to NYC.
I like Coke.
I need to shower, but I brushed my teeth.

Here's a question, any ideas for an inexpensive date? Watching the Cha-Ching, but I NEED to go out with him and soon. He's going on a trip. Anyone want to trade watching kids? I hate to pay a babysitter...
And, I really want a cookie avec milk.


JoAnna said...

We were meant to be friends. Seriously. Me and my bestie ALWAYS throw in a random french word here and there as though it's nothing. E.g., avec, mais, oui, c'est vrais.
Love it!!!

JoAnna said...

P.S. I love to say the word "bestie". I think it's the funniest word/phenomenon. I'm always joking when I say it.
P.P.S. Hartung? related to any that went to Highland High?

JoAnna said...

So I totally remember you! How hilarious is that!?! I am Kelli's age. My maiden name is Kimble. You were the same age as my brother, Curt Kimble. Ring a bell?

Psycho small world!

I had no idea you were so freakishly amazing and talented.