Monday, November 24, 2008

I did. I REALLY did.

Miss my kids! (And guess what! I think they missed me, too!)

I'm back! New York! New York!!!


Oh yah. I'm a city girl.
Loved eVeRYTHiNG!!

hustle-the bustle
the lights-the sites
the peeps-the beeps
the crashes-the bashes
the subways-the one-ways
the trend-ers-the vendors...

Good Grief- I want to wake up in that city that doesn't sleep!!!!!!

*The Marriott on 40Th & 5Th- I felt like Fancy Nancy. (Frank the Bellman from Poland, made me feel beautifully, special. "Ciao, Bella".)

*The Late Show on Thursday- Letterman had game. Coached to no-end to laugh appropriately by one of his Pages, but not a necessary tactic...he was fab.

*Martha- Oops! Slept in and missed Big M's show. Hope she'll still email me. I would hate to miss out on our annual Christmas gift exchange. (We try to out-do each other's craftiness)
*Street Vendors- HELLO! They were no match for my charming wit. I didn't pay a dime over what I set my mind to- simply asked if they would charge a cousin those prices. ($45 for a knockoff pair of CC shades. Hell no! I walked away slipping him a $10 and closing the deal with a hug. Ya ya on 48Th loved me SOOOOOO much, she GAVE me the gloves. I kid you not!)

Who wants to go back with me? Let's get this trip planned.

This is Wil and Me in front of the Statue Of Liberty. I think it really captures the moment.

Thank you Thank you THANK YOU,
KUTV and Training Table!
You made my dreams come true.
xxoo, kris
(This is merely my first installment. I'll be sharing more.)


Angi said...

Welcome home lucky girl! Can't wait to hear all about it

Danielle Christiansen said...

welcome home! I am really jelous. I have always wanted to go but I do not fly.
P.s Love the new picture of you as your header. Only kidding settle down.the baby is good but he is sick with a cold right now. Scary!

JoAnna said...

How fun! What a blast. I'm in for the next trip FOR SURE!! :) Love your details and descriptions. Wish my name was Ya Ya.

jennifer gravley said...

I'm glad you had such a great time! My bags can be packed in 10, when are we going? Can't wait to hear more.

CoLiE-O said...

you missed miss martha? how will your life ever go on? i would love to go to ny again, when not on work business!!

Bevany said...

I can't wait to hear ALL about it. I'm so jealous you were at the Marriott. Mike and I were in NY two years ago at the beginning of November. So pretty in the fall!! Hope to see you guys over the holidays. Is Lynnie coming up?

Sandrine said...

Please do share more!! This is awesome!! Sounds like you had a blast!! What a lucky girl! Dreams do come true!! heehee!! I LOVE NY!!!

qponqwn said...

Sign me up for the return trip! Surprised NY could handle as much fun as you- you deserve all that fun (and Martha). You know she should do a on location shoot right here in UT. You guys are buds, I'm sure it can be arranged!

qponqwn said...

Oh yeah--hi Frank!

kourtney said...

welcome back!