Wednesday, October 1, 2008

A TRUE friend.

A true friend will look at your hair and ask,
"Why did you do this?"

She will plainly state,
"You are a blond. Your natural blond looks like dirty dishwater, but regardless, you are a blond."

Then she notices the cut. She will say,
"Whoever cut your hair didn't know a thing about layering. It looks terrible."

When you say you wanted to simplify your life by making your hair an easier task, she will inform you,
"You want your hair to look good, don't you? You need to style it and use products. Otherwise, grow it out, put in braids and go along with your new granola-self."

If you are as lucky as I am, this TRUE friend will be a hair dresser. She will take you into her home salon (Which was Tres Chic) and spend her Sunday afternoon weaving, trimming, styling and shooting the bull.

I have this friend. Her name is April.

She lives in St. George.
She does hair on Tuesday and Thursday.
If you need someone to tell it to you straight, she's your girl.
Isn't she gorgeous?!?!?!?


JoAnna said...

I want one of those!!

Jill said...

This was fate: I found your blog from a link of a friend, I recently moved to St. George, and I need someone to do my hair! how do I reach her?
you can email me (please):

Becky said...

I want a new hairdresser too! But I don't live in St. George so I guess I'm out of luck. You tagged Harlene (my cousin) and she said you were a wonderful blog-friend, so I just had to click the link! Although I don't have much time to surf right now, I think she's right. Have a lovely day :)