Friday, October 3, 2008


Feel like spooking up dinner?
Any extra time just lying around?
My super BFF Martha does. She invited me over for dinner and since she knows me so well, knew I'd scoff at sweet potatoes, but I couldn't balk at PUMPKIN shaped Sweet potatoes.
We've moved past the "Open your Hanger, the airplane is coming in for landing" I caught on to that bit just over two months ago. Now, desperately wanting me to get the nutrition I need, she invites me to din din donned with food people, shapes and frivolous fun.
Here's to any new food shapes you can come up with.
(Really?!?!? Mashed Bootatoes? For the Love! I'll probably try it.)


Tanja said...

I am all about that, too cute!

Mindi said...

i heart those little ghosties.

kourtney said...

I've made those and their are quite fun! Kids really love them and they are surprisingly EZ!