Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Really Foggy

Man. Saying It Simply is in power mode.
Kourtney and I pulled an all nighter yesterday.
At 3am I came home.
Got the boys off to school with promises of an all afternoon Wii-fest, IF they would walk to school. (I SOOOOOOOO needed Katey to keep snoozing so I could sleep, sleep, sleep.)
They agreed.
Kate woke on her own 6 minutes later.

No Sleep. Yet here I blog.
No worries, Kookie,(that's what my kiddo's call Kourtney)
I have finished ALL of the candies for the show and my orders are ALMOST all done. :)

Today 10 am:
A tooth I knew needed some TLC, but didn't know the extent of attention it demanded,
began POPPING with agonizing pain.
After a pleasant prescription & an appointment I am literally dreading,
I am in a real flitty fog. which makes the following statement seem simple to say:
I KNOW it's a root canal.

I hate the dentist.

I love the laughing gas.
If I survive, I'm going to do a GiVeaWaY of my chocolate stash.
I already hate 11 am tomorrow.


Danielle Christiansen said...

wow your night sounds like my last///oh 9 months. NO sleep and lots of pain. But hey at leat you will get laughing gas.

Jess said...

Okay so 11 has come and gone. HOW ARE YOU DOING? I don't want to bother you if you are snoozin' (which I would be doing).. let me know. I have been thinkin' about you.

Way to pull an all nighter. That is dedication girls!

Amy said...

Oh.. dentist are the worst. I hate going to the dentist! Take some meds and then go to sleep... kills two birds with one stone. Hope you get feeling better!

Tanja said...

I feel for for, going to the detist is the worst thing ever.
Hang in there and get some rest!

Jennifer Gravley said...

Not fun! Hey, at least we didn't have a girls night planned that day. Now that we both have the dentist out of the way lets plan a night out with out pain....
What do you say?

nicolefurness said...

please tell me our friendship isnt over but that you are just cheating on me with sis...we havent even met yet :) i still wanna come to the open house but ya gotta let me know the day and time so i can plan my stupid school life around it:)