Wednesday, August 20, 2008

My RayBans have Red lenses

Funny. Red is Favorite Color.
what color do your lenses make the world?

You See The World Through Red Colored Glasses
You live your life with intensity. You have strong emotions and experience everything vividly.
You judge all interactions through the lens of power. You determine who has the most power and how to improve your position.

You face challenges with courage and strength. You can will your way through any problem.
You see love as the utmost expression of your passions and desires. Your romantic life is very passionate and overwhelming.

At your worst, you are easily angered and quick to fight. You will go to war with anyone.
You are happiest when you are expending a lot of energy. And you love the feeling of danger!


qponqwn said...

Yeah, the world looks better through rose-colored glasses!

Jess said...

That does sound like you. Love the color red too!