Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Reality in winning.

Thank you Design Mom and Allen Ave for my fantastic win!
I am the big WINNER of this stylin' prizey
Is that too cool?
My reality in winning some random randomness? It is a metro sexual diaper bag. A fabulous Man Bag. I know I KNOW... Kris has no babies and will NOT NOT NOT be having anymore babies, so I am realistically thrilling in this win. Won't I be the cutey on outings with my new bag strapped across my chest? ( you know, I'll be Accentuating the Positive and I have LOTS of positive.... probably too much) To the pool. On a picnic. To Maverick? Every-freakin'-where!
I won it!
I'll use it!
I love LOVE LovEy it.
Don't hate cuz I'm bearing the badge of good fortune

1 comment:

kourtney said...

I still have a little boy that would love to spend a day with you and use that bag! He'll show you what it's made for!