Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Happy Thanks Day

Already? ok. here goes...

  • Games. Love to lose myself in some competitive activity where shrewd thinking and a victory can be achieved in about an hour. (Game on, Kourtney! I'll be seeing you t'nite)
  • Employment. How glad I am to know Wil loves his job. Don't think I could handle having around the house more often than he is... He'd know too many details.
  • Spring. It's still technically spring, right? Even though my kids are home? Well, I love how green the mountains are right now.
  • Jack. Man. This kid is something. He's smart, handsome, kind, influential (and it's in a good way!)
  • Luke. He slays me. Funny, charismatic, tender, whizzical~quizzical. (sure keeps me on my toes)
  • Katey. Little lady. Adoring, inventive, sweet, beautiful and our resident elephant (ya know how elly's never forget, Kate knows exactly where to find a misplaced item)
  • Wil. He works so hard for our fam. He is the most patient person I know. I am so thankful for his patience... I am a handful.
  • Comments. Thanks for letting me do all this and acknowledging my realistic life.


Alyssa said...

i just had full on jealous rage at your comment about moonpools and catepillars! i just LOVE THEM!

Jess said...

Love the thankful posts. It is good to remember things like that. I have to agree on those 3 munchkins of yours. They are pretty terrific and Wil, fab as well.