Sunday, June 8, 2008

Bearing Reality: Good Idea ~ Bad Idea

GOOD IDEA (for me)
11 years ago, my anniversary present to Wil ~ matching tattoo rings. (They fit secretively under our wedding bands.) This is not a pic of my tat~ my camera is charging. Our tattoo's are not terribly intricate, in fact they are distorting as the years pass and the weight comes and goes, but I still love having it.

With all of his traveling, I know if the band of ownership is ever removed/lost, he still bears my branding! Love ya, Wil!

BAD IDEA! Drawing attention to what you think is your worst feature.

This was a terrible decision on my part. Before we had kids and right about the time this bling was posh and fab~ I did it. DUH!!! When your nose begins to swell with a minor cold and it's bigger than you'd like to begin with, WHY would you choose to give it an opportunity to infect and glitter? Think before you alter, friends.
Tell me your Good Ideas and Bad Ideas. Would love to know I am not the only one...

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nicolefurness said...

my diamond just chipped and now my finger is naked. i wont wear the ring till i get it fixed. the convenience of a tat would be nice right now:)