Monday, June 30, 2008

At least give it a try...

I've been saying this more often than not as of late.

"At least give it a try.... You may like it"

For Kate and Luke: It's with food.

For Wil: It's being Home. (honey, I know how hard you're working.)

For Jack: It's listening and not having to be told something over and over

For Me: it's completing a task quickly

For Jack and Luke: Um.... playing WITH their toys. HELLO!?!?!?!? I actually have to tell them to play with the items they begged, cried and stomped to have purchased. I have been known to send them to a toy timeout. "You guys HAVE to play with toys for 15 minutes!!!" Yesterday, Wil was a workin' at the office and being a single parent for the umpteenth day in a row, sent me into borderline depression. I asked the kids to find something to do other then the noisy video games and watching the same episodes of Spongebob we watched the day before. Please please please please please.... find something to do...

They grabbed these

and this
Along with various household items.
VHS cases, baskets, cardboard tubing, chairs,
yoyo's (the pendulum effect) cups, stools,

Six hours later, tv silenced and baby sister included...Wil returns to find the family room turned into a concocted track and our kids wildly proud to have perfected a super sweet system.

I LOVE watching them really play.
Do you have to practically pay your kiddos to use up the toys in your home?
Is it just mine?


Amy said...

That is so the case at our house. They either play sports or video games. Whatever happened to imagination? I used ot play house, Charlie's Angels, Doctor? Just kidding... My kids don't PLAY very well...

kourtney said...

I on the other hand, can't get my kids to stop playing. Either way, you want them to do the opposite!

Jess said...

Good job kiddos. They are mighty creative and oh so cute.