Sunday, May 4, 2008

Updated and informed

Goal for the day- Oasis of a yard. Reality, happy it's not just dirt.

I am still alive after spending the green on the green. He shook his head and called his dad. (Dad always knows what to do) We were able to lay the sod along our driveway and finish up the parking area today. We started tilling the backyard and my plans for tomorrow include turning Wil into an ox as he drags a pallet loaded with kids behind him as a homemade grader. (I'm tellin' you, I am Kristine MacGyver) I'll be doing my part... I will be the one with the 44 ouncer of Mt. Dew on the other end of the yard coaxing Wil closer like a mule to a carrot.

I do feel super bad that Wil has returned with a wicked illness and has been accomplishing the yardwork between fevers. He is the hardest working person I know. Where there's a WIL- There's a WaY.

Should I set aside my pride and embarrassment and post a pic of the natural state our yard as a BEFORE shot? What if the AFTER is no better....?!?!?!? This really was a crazy thing for me to do. Our backyard sprinklers aren't even in yet. I am a tad loco; have a mentioned that before?


Haley said...

post the pics!!!

Danielle Christiansen said...

Glad to see your still alive! I bet it looks great. post those pics.