Tuesday, May 20, 2008

initiative. above and far beyond the lowered bar

My Sprat. What did I know?!?!? Turns out, he's a real go-getter when it's something he wants. He arranged to have G'pa Hansen come to his class and share his affinity for the fowl.... pigeon kind. Unknown to Jack's parents, (that's Wil and me) the A.O.K was given by his teacher and Jack called G'pa to tell him the approved time and locale.

When was I dropped from the inner circle? How is an 8 year old savvy enough to set up a question and answer period with a professional pigeon breeder/racer? I think it's rooted in love. Love for a Grandpa who is seriously great. My Sprat. Genius. Kind. Self Motivated- until it requires putting DIRTY socks in the wash.
I digress.
Today I revel in his ingenuity. Did I fail to give him the memo about the bar being lowered? Shucks. Love watching him soar. Take flight little pigeon. Doin' the coo coo pigeon.....
and to Grandpa, thank you. You made his day. Jack felt VERY special.

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Jess said...

I heard all about it today in the car (and it wasn't Jack doing the talkin') It was McKensie and she couldn't say enough about how great it was.

Wow, Jack, I am proud of you! Sounds like it was orchestrated well beyond anyone's expectations! What an awesome G'pa to share. Nice work boys.