Tuesday, May 27, 2008

forewarned is forearmed

As I was looking up the weather for a trip to So. Cali with my sisters in celebration of our Mom, I came across some much needed info. Figured I best be apprised of rules and regulations to be a law abiding citizen.

They don't like city slickers in Blythe! If you don't own at least two cows, you can do time for wearing cowboy boots.

It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale. Kelli, no gaming this weekend

The women of Carmel might be well-heeled, but it is against the law for them to be high heeled. High heels are banned within the city limits. Shoo, Jimmy Choo. Ahhh, that's the only footwear Mom owns

Ha! And they say people in LA can be shallow and obessed with looks! In San Francisco, it is actually illegal for ugly people to walk down the street.
Thank Heaven San Fran is not on our destination list!

Good thing Jon Bon Jovi hailed from Jersey and not California. Since 1838, according to crazylaws.com, it is illegal for a man in California to serenade a woman without a permit.

You might want to walk a mile for a camel, but in Palm Springs, do not under any circumstances walk your camel on Palm Canyon Drive between the hours of 4 - 6 p.m. This according to dumblaws.com. No word of what you can do with your camel between 4 and 6.

Note to terrorists! Don't go to Chino: detonating a nuclear device of any kind, within the city limits, will get you a $500 fine. Good to know that there is a deterrent in place. I feel safer already.
I am hoping our trip will still be a success.


Danielle Christiansen said...

seriously, Can you be any funnier. i don't think so. hve a great trip!

Bevany said...

Seriously...you're hilarious. I'm jealous you're going to Cali! Have fun!

Rachel said...

Are you really coming to Cali? And on my birthday? I know, your mom and I share this lovely 31st of May. Where will you be going in Cali? Southern end of the sunny state? I'd LOVE to hook up. Everyone is asking what I'd like to do for my birthday---if you all are around, it would be to see you all! That was a really strong hint, right?! And I wanted to be sure you know that in Baldwin Park no one is allowed to ride a bicycle in a swimming pool!
Waiting to hear from you...

Jess said...

How fun that your are going on a trip with your mom and sisters! That will be a blast. Good thing you know the rules of Southern Cal now. PHEW!

When are you going? We will miss you.

april hickman said...

That is so cute. Where do you find this stuff?
Your trip sounds fun, but anywhere would be fun with your family. I bet you never stop laughing when you are all together. Tell Lynne I said Hi!