Friday, April 18, 2008

Lookey Lookey

Remember these?
MonChiChi, Monchichi...oh so soft and cuddle-E. Crazy that I actually found a website selling them. No. I did not place my order. However, I might. I think I always wanted one. The memory for longed after items has faded yet for some crazy reason, I can sing the song. (I can also sing HeMan, Transformers, My Little Pony, Gummi Bears, The New Zoo Review, My Buddy, Kids Inc.; the list goes on and on...) The fact that I know the song so well makes me think I must have yearned for the little monkey children.
So, my question to you: is there a treasure out there that you NEVER received that you would have loved to death or until the fur fell off? I mean, you wanted to hug them and love them and squeeeeeeeeeeze them and call them George? I can only guess that my Mom must have dispised the Monkey Children to not fulfill my dream... I know there are more than a few things I REFUSE to have in MY HIDEOUT that MY kids beg for.
A flat "nope" is all I'll say. My house. My clutter. Dang. I am my mother. (actually, i love saying to myself throughout the day, "Oh. I so just sounded like my mom.")


Sean said...

An authentic (at least it looked authentic in the Sears Catalog) Dallas Cowboy football helmet. I wanted it so bad and never got it. It still irks me to this day. Santa didn't read my list. Or he did and ignored it.

HeMan? I totally remember. "By the Power of Grayskull, I HAD THE POWER!" (I also thought the offshoot, She-ra, was a babe).

Emilie said...

This is REALLY FREAKY! I was re-arranging Tessa's room last night. I found my Monchichi's! I was so excited. I took them down to show Joey that I had such a cool treasure that I was now passing on to Tess! He just stared at me with a blank face. (That is what I get for marrying a younger guy!) I heart Monchichi's!

Bevany said...

I have never seen or heard of those in my life. I totally wanted a Kid Sister...the girl version of My Buddy. Now thanks to you I'll be singing the song all day :)
I never had my own cabbage patch doll or barbies either. Man, was I deprived!

kourtney said...

Teddy Ruxpin and jelly shoes. But nope never got them. Now that I think about it Teddy is a pretty scary thing. Andy jelly shoes, oh how my feet would stink.

Mindi said...

i can still sing that song, too--scary how advertising works, huh?

i always wanted a cabbage patch doll--my mom made one that was WAY cuter and WAY better than an actual cabbage, but at the time my 12 year old self couldn't see that. too bad.