Wednesday, April 30, 2008

do YOU have a slogan?

Your Slogan Should Be

Kris. Uncommonly Made, Uncommonly Good.

I am having tee shirts and skivvies made- Preorder yours and receive a 10% discount! Plus, if you are spotted by a member of my entourage sporting KrisWear, you can come over for dinner.

Your Slogan Should Be

Joel. Love Every Bite.

Oh yah....he's delicious.


kourtney said...

Kris--Sweet with a hint of Sweat. Sounds Dalicious! Can't wait to try, but I think mine will be DALICIOUS!

Jess said...

how funny, Sean's was "once you go Sean, you'll never go back"

mine was "Between love and madness lies Jessica" hmmm.. could be true!

Mindi said...

ummmmmmm, did you SEE my "word to your mother" thong??? i'm just saying.....

Jenn(guess which one) said...

Where do you find these fun querky things? Mine is How you satisfy a hungry man Jenn! This is appropriate in so many ways I cannot go into!

Bevany said...

Mine was- delightfully tacky yet unrefined. I'm kind of offended.