Monday, March 17, 2008

Lucky Us To Believe

I freakin' love holidays. Every Holiday!

We are lucky to have an annual visit from a Leprechaun at our house. His name is Ned Farley. He brings the kids a treat and causes mischief as he attempts to avoid the searching eyes of Jack, Luke and Kate. He's just left his surprise at the door and the kids are frantically looking for him. (They have some serious plans for that gold.) Turns out he's lost his coat again and needs it for his journey back to Ireland. (Why he spends the holiday in Utah, is way beyond me.) Ugh. Gotta make this short. Kate and Luke have just gone outside in search of the crafty fellow.

Lucky me to see magic through the eyes of my children. Thanks, Ned.


kourtney said...

That Ned is one crafty fellow. May the Luck of the Irish find you today and for year to come.

Bevany said...

Sounds like fun. A similar leprechaun visits grandma Kim's house every year. It's a little crazy with all the kids there, but they love it!

april hickman said...

Kris, I love your wit and imagination. You are so cute with your kids. They're very lucky.
Talk to you soon. Love, April

Jess said...

Cute, Ned! I hope you caught that crazy little leprechaun.

Rachel said...

What fun! Sounds like you have a fun house. Cheers...and may the Irish luck run all year long!