Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Pink p.j.'s

While ticking off the items to accomplish for a smooth HIDEOUT morn, the Recruiter asked for a liquid to wet her whistle. She then grabbed her throat and dramatically, scratched out, "I can't talk". Hmmm... my presidential brain kicked into gear and for a moment in time I had thoughts of a blissfully, silent day... Back to reality. Shook out the chirping crickets in my mind (goodbye, little friends) and poured the cup of juice. "Thank you, Mommy. I had to ask you a question...." And so it begins.

But this isn't a downer. Actually, while commencing our chit-chat, I took a good look at our TOKEN girl. Head to toe in pink footed p.j.'s. The thought came over me that this might be the last time I see her or any of my entourage, for that matter, in Jammies with feet. You see, the weather is warming and I just can't see her wanting these next year. She's my very own "Pink Nightmare" (from the movie 'A Christmas Story'). I had to take a picture. Here she is, my mini-me. My shadow. My baby...

Ok. revelry over. She's telling me (deep moan on her part, very breathy) " back. It hurts. I can't move."

"Katey. You still need to pick up your shoes."

"Fine. It doesn't really hurt anyway."

(Deep sigh... on my part) So tell me, how was YOUR morning?
Edit to post... Turns out Reese wore her pink pj's last night, too... Gave Katey a call this am to tell her she likes her choice in nighttime dress and sent us a picture to prove it!


kourtney said...

Ohhh...we actually had a good morning. Happy eating, happy reading, happy playing games. The night is another story though.
Can you say, "great minds think alike".

Saying It Simply said...

thanks for sending the pic! since we think alike it sure makes deciding what we're doing next for SIS easy peasy. so tell me, what are we making for dinner?

Bevany said...

Footed pajamas are my favorite!! So cute and they are so cuddly in them. Katey is a crack up. Good post!