Thursday, February 28, 2008

The Slick Mind of a Pirate

Our HIDEOUT is housing a known and wanted pirate.

So, the other day Jack was playing the online game "Pirates of the Caribbean". If you aren't familiar with the game, I'll lay out the basics as I understand them. You style your pirate, name your pirate, do pirate things, find treasure, play poker and black jack (which it turns out, Jack is very good at) and I guess, hang out with Jack Sparrow.

When I checked on Jack (aka. Pirate Tom) after his first 10 minutes, he had $$$ in his purse, a vessel to sail and an appropriate swagger in his gate. Ten minutes later I hear a yell from him, "They're after me!" .

"What's going on?" I asked.

Here is the tale I received:

Jack says, "Well, I tried to battle a ship bigger than mine and I sank. So I got put in jail. When I got out, I went down to the docks where another player was hiring a crew. (someone on-line; I pictured my 29 year old brother as this player-he is a serious gamer) I joined his crew so I could sail to the island where I play blackjack to win some $$$ to buy another boat. (ok.. should it worry me that my 3rd grader is off to play blackjack?)

When we docked, we all got off the boat. Everyone playing left, even the captain. I was going to follow them, but instead I went up to another player (this time I pictured my hubby) and said to him, 'Ya wanna buy a boat?' "

"You sold the other players ship?!?" I sputtered out. Stiffling giggles as I spoke.

Jack said, "Yep. And I bought a new ship with the $$$. I yelled because I think the captain knows what I did and he sent the law after me." At this point in his story, they catch up to him and sink his new ship.

Ahhhh... let this be a warning, beware all you hard core players out there. Your game could be destroyed in mere moments by an 8 year old and his brilliant mind!

I have always known Jack is a smart cookie, I just didn't know he was so crafty. How terrible is it that this trait gives me a sense of pride? I think I must have a little pirate in me, too. Touche'!


kourtney said...

Oh Touche! I'm crying...I'm laughing so hard. That smart cookie must take after his aunt Kookie. Yoho Jack- a pirates life for me!

Jess said...

Oh Jack you kill me. I would hate to be the other player against you.

Jack Sprat- What a perfect man for the job.

Nice work captain!

chic lit said...

i cant stop laughing about this story. remind me not to let jack borrow my car when he is older.