Friday, February 22, 2008

Secret Secrets of the HIDEOUT

I hate being “IT”. I have been tagged. Does anyone really want to know any of this?


What is his name? Joel. (but I wish I could call him an off the wall nickname like Wil.)

How long have you been together? Married 13 and a half years

How long did you date? 3 months to engagement…7 months later double-knotted. ----but we met when I was 16 and he was 17~a Spring Break Fling (Our first kiss is pictured. We're talkin' VERY FIRST KISS!)

Who eats more? Sweet- me/Salty–Wil (thought I’d try it out)

Who said I love you first? I can’t even remember. I probably told him that HE loves ME.

Who is taller? The Financier can change the light bulbs

Who is smarter? I am ~ we took an IQ test a couple years back and I cling to that score!

Who does the laundry? I sort, wash, dry & fold… but I HATE to put it away.

Who does the dishes? Lately, it’s been a joint effort. I love a clean sink in the morn and he loves a happy me!

Who sleeps on the right? I like to be farthest from the door. I am not a sympathetic mom when the sun goes down. I know the sun will be up again far sooner than I’d like.

Who pays the bills? I stress when it comes to the coinage.

Who mows the lawn? We’ll see… We put grass in this past fall.

Who cooks dinner? Depends on the day… if the day was crazy…Joel; if I need him to fix something, me.

Who drives when you are together? He does. I need new glasses and he knows it.

Who is more stubborn? Ohhhhh …. That’s easy. Me.

Who kissed who first? I’m sure I did. I am aggressive.

Who asked who out first? Wil asked me, but I eagerly said yes.

Who proposed? He did. I was a brat that night. Can’t believe he actually went through with it.

Who has more siblings? I am the most mature (ok. Oldest) of 4 and he is the big baby (youngest) of 3.

Who wears the pants? He does. I can’t find where he puts them after they are clean!


kourtney said...

Thanks for doing this, eventhough I knew most of the answers already. It was fun to read.

Bevany said...

I love it. Of course people want to know this information. I'm glad you did it.

april hickman said...

kris, I love your blog!!!!!!I need help with mine. One of these days when we both have a minute you can give me some tips. By the way I love that picture of you and Joel kissing I remember when that was taken. Talk to you soon.

april hickman said...

Kris, I dont want to bug you on a sunday but if you get a minute give me a call I have a couple of questions about all of this...
luv ya, April

kourtney said...

Whoo-hoo! I'm getting banana bread!!!!

Jess said...

I love your blog! So cute to see all of your kiddos and hear about you and Wil (I am totally calling him that one of these days).

You guys rock! I am so glad that our kids can play together. They are great in every way.. thanks to a great mom and dad! ;)

Saying It Simply said...

You are one awesome gal! I can't wait to see you again.

The Stewarts said...

This was a lot of fun to read. I've always thought you guys were a cute couple and you have the most adorable family!