Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Our clubhouse


First photo taken of club members since the most recent member, Kate, joined. We're talkin' 3 and a half years!!!

Starting from left:

Club Clown and Peacemaker: Jack.
Club King, Financier and Groundskeeper: Joel
Club (token) Girl, Marketing Director and Recruiter: Katey
Club maniacal President and Voice: Kris
Club Historian and "Factuary": Luke
It's time for an update. Cabin fever is burning the President and Spring Fever is festering in the overloaded closets in the HIDEOUT. The financial backer is tightening the purse strings as he prepares for an overhaul on the property. Updates daily on club members and accomplishments.


kourtney said...

can I be your historian? You know I'm good at it.

Bevany said...

Very cute family picture. We need to get a new one too.